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Lockdown links to forget about the pandemic

Actualizado: 31 jul 2021

A compilation of specially-curated articles and videos to help you have fun, learn, feel better and see the light at the end of this long tunnel. Enjoy! 

new! MUSIC

Christina and The Queen’s new album blends melancholic English and French lyrics with upbeat tempos and beautifully and eccentrically choreographed videos with alusions to drag (…and warewolves!). If you haven’t heard of her, it’s time! (LEVEL: Any)


Have you ever used a toilet-paper roll to do exercise? These global athletes challenge you to try it…(ENGLISH LEVEL: Very easy!!)


Quick: What is the purpose of government? Think about your answer and then compare it to what these everyday New Yorkers said… (LEVEL: Intermediate)


Are you feeling lockdown stress & anxiety? You’re not alone. Learn how to cope with these mental health strategies… (LEVEL: High intermediate)


Feeling boxed in? Well it’s time for some escapism with The World’s Most Incredible Homes! Watch as two witty British hosts visit a fanciful Spanish villa built into a Mediterranean seaside cliff…Are you as captivated as they are? (LEVEL: Advanced)

new! FOOD

Did you try making her potato pancake? Are you ready to advance to real Korean food? Here Maangchi (4 million Youtube subscribers!) shows us how to make a classic kimchi… (LEVEL: Intermediate)


Want to know what people in other countries are watching during the lockdown? From France to Japan, this article makes recommendations on the best series around the world, available on a streaming platform near you! (LEVEL: High-intermediate-to-Advanced)


Have you always wanted to go to the British Museum in London, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, but have never had the chance? Well, be an armchair traveller and explore the world’s most amazing museums on four continents with a virtual tour from the comfort of your sofa! (LEVEL: Any-to-Intermediate)


Love her or hate her, pop icon Celine Dion is an amazing English-learner! She went from not speaking a word in her late teens to becoming the world’s best-selling English-language artist. In this 20-year old interview, she talks about her life, including growing up poor with illiterate parents and the moment she realized she needed to study this global language. (LEVEL: Intermediate)

While you’re here, why not check out this little known, yet uplifting tune?

“We’ve learned that whatever they dish out, it’s nothing, we can take it.”


Looking for sustainable fashion to buy online? These 4 brands have a message they’d like to share!

What should a man wear when he is stuck at home all day? Mr Porter has some advice for the fashion conscious! (LEVEL: Intermediate-to-High-intermediate)


In fashion and in the street, the new buzzword is “Androgyny”. Watch what these gender-bending models say about their style and identity, and why it’s a good thing for the rest of us too. (LEVEL: High-Intermediate-Advanced)


Quick – what’s the only country in South America where the majority of people speak English as their native language? Combining Afro-Carribean rythm with lush Amazonian rainforests, this former British colony seems like an undiscovered gem of a destination! (Level: Lower-intermediate and up)

First, the official tourism video:

And, for something less “edited”, travel-vlogger Gustav Rosted shares his experience in this friendly nation:

Would you travel to Guyana? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Tell us below!

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