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Are you a foodie? Indulge your passion while learning English!

Do you love to eat? How about drink wine? Maybe you are a total foodie in search of the latest restaurant opening or the trendiest international food-experience. Are you perhaps more into cooking for friends and family? Or learning about the wine you’re drinking?

If you answered yes to any of those, you are in luck! You can improve your English all while indulging in what you love in the urban gastronomic paradise that is Barcelona!

Here are 3 ways to learn English, have fun and engage your passion for food and drink!

1) Cook up a storm!

What: Cooking workshops

Where: Anywhere in Barcelona

Cost: 18-19€

Do you want to learn new recipes and “cook up a storm” while speaking in English and having fun? Delicious English is the brainchild of Joe Woodward, a former teacher and company employee who decided to combine his independent spirit with a passion for food. The budding entrepreneur offers short cooking courses and workshops (talleres) for the more novice, longer courses for the more experienced, and team-building events for companies across the city. There is even an artisanal beer-tasting class. Pick a dish you’d like to prepare from their ample menu and get ready to chat away with new friends in culinary English!

2) A toast to English!

What: Wine-Tasting

Where: Anywhere in Barcelona

Cost: 50€

Do you love wine-tastings? Why not try it in English in an intimate group of 4-12 people, sampling and learning about tantalizing Spanish, Italian and other international wines, all while you are guided through the experience by expert wine-scholar Fintan Kerr, founder of Wine Cuentista. The tastings can take place anywhere in the city, and delicious tapas are included in the price! They also feature “blind” wine-tastings and through their partner firm, Rack and Return, offer a long course for beginners and wine-enthusiasts who want to become certified as wine-experts.

3) I need the best dog-friendly restaurant in the city!

What: Food blog

Where: Anywhere with your phone or tablet

Cost: Free!

Do you want to read about the best bakeries in Barcelona? How about the most dog-friendly restaurants? Or the latest greasy-spoon in Poble Nou? Then why not do it in English and online with writer and photographer Maria Astrand at the Barcelona Food Experience? A business-studies and food-photography graduate, Maria moved to Barcelona from Finland 11 years ago and began what is now one of the city’s most talked-about food blogs. She writes about herself: “I love to eat, talk, and write about food and taking photos of it. When I’m not eating, I think about what I’ll be eating next.” Including only positive reviews (Maria hates negativity!), the blog breaks it down by theme or neighbourhood, all written in reader-friendly, first-person accounts combined, of course, with spectacular photos!

¡Comparte tus experiencias e ideas!

Do you have an experience to share? Maybe an alternative to one of the above ideas. Do you have an old family recipe you would love others to try? Or have you tried a great restaurant or bar you’re dying to recommend to others? Share and leave a comment below!

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