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English fluency classes

Do you want to improve your English and feel comfortable speaking in any situation, whether personal or professional? Do you want to move beyond a B1 level? Keep reading to find out the advantages of the bSTELLAR English Learning System and see samples of our study topics!

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What's included?

√  Free, trial lesson, with feedback on your level and suggestions for future classes

√  A qualified, native speaking teacher with nearly two decades of experience who can motivate you to keep studying!


√  Flexible schedules – morning, afternoon or evening classes available 

√  Contemporary multimedia materials sent to your email before every class, so you can improve your listening and reading comprehension before class

√  Fun, weekly online quizzes so you can see how you are progressing


√  Engaging discussion topics that change every class so you are never bored


Classes are specialized for students with levels between B1 to C2. Contact me to organize a free consultation session to discuss your sitation and your learning needs.

How does it work?

1. Read, watch and think about the materials you are sent before your class. Each week there is a different topic. To see a sample of the topics , click here!


2. Take your class face-to-face or online from wherever you feel most comfortable


3. Consolidate and refine your skills with a weekly, personalized online quiz


4. Get the level of fluency and confidence you want!


Pierre Herman

Teacher & Content Creator

Let's work together to give you the fluency and confidence you need! 

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How are the classes?

  • Fun, dynamic, and always personalized to student's profile!

  • Focused on improving fluency, confidence, precision, and gaining more vocabulary!

  • Value added: Amazing materials, free quizzes every week, in-class notes, and more!

Sample TOPICS:

Browse a selection of my topics to see what you might talk about in your next class! If you want, you can also request a topic!

Ready to start a new journey?

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