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Business English

Check out my menu of dynamic, business-English courses for individuals or companies. Need something more specific? Contact me and let's design something specially tailored for you or your company's needs!

Expand your English

La propuesta: Cursos de ingles diseñados a media para las necesidades de su empresa u organismo: enfocados, prácticos y lúdicos, y con el fin de capacitar a sus empleados en la comunicación con gente extranjera, que sean actuales o futuros clientes, compañeros de trabajo, patrocinadores u otros interlocutores. 


Business Communication Skills (5-10 hours)

Comunicación profesional en inglés

Are you nervous when talking on the phone in English? With this course, you will learn how to communicate clearly not only on the telephone, but also by email, and in face-to-face meetings in a professional context. You will feel more confident communicating with and understanding colleagues, clients and the public in English while improving your precision and vocabulary!

English for Project Managers (6 hours)
Inglés para la gestión de proyectos

This engaging course covers the language and situations frequently encountered by project managers, and includes discussion topics, the latest trends, key words & phrases as well as communication strategies to obtain the results you want!

Design your own course!

Inglés a medida para tu empresa o sector

Do you need a course specifically tailored to your company, industry or position? Contact me for a free consultation and let me create a course that covers your requirements.

Interview Preparation Coaching (5 hours)

Preparación de entrevistas

Get interview-ready (and the job you want!) by receiving advice specially tailored to you and simulating real interview questions! We will cover the most typical (individual or group) interview questions as well as specific questions you may be asked in an interview depending on the sector or position, including situational, behavioural and/or hypothetical questions. You will improve your grammar and vocabulary too, as we navigate the questions and how to answer them accurately.

English for Sales Professionals (6 hours)

Inglés commercial

This dynamic course is designed to help professionals who work in sales to engage clients effectively and improve results! Learn the language of introductions, presenting your product or service, negotiating and closing a sale, as well as after-sales follow-up.

Biz-talk: A business-discussion course (10, 20 or 30 hours)

El inglés comercial y de negocios a traves de la conversacion

In this course, we will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the world of business and your particular industry, job or field. These might include leadership and management styles, industry trends, workplace issues, human resources, product and service-related topics, and more! As usual, you'll get reading and video material before each class to get those mental juices flowing! You will improve your reading and listening comprehension, as well as your spoken confidence and precision (both grammatical and lexical). 

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