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Get to know me

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Pierre A. Herman

I’m Pierre, and I've been a professional teacher and language coach for over 15 years. I am passionate about motivating and developing learners, experimenting with the latest training techniques, creating modern and tech-inspired content and amazing learning experiences for my students.

I provide private and group sessions for individuals and companies which include fluency coaching, business English training, and academic tutoring. I also teach French! During the summer, I lead EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses for UK universities.

Who are my clients?

My clients are made up of driven and ambitious individuals; creators and problem solvers in varied career paths who are excited about the opportunities that this world has on offer.


Where have I taught?

ESADE Business & Law School, The University of Bristol, The University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London and King’s College London; Many large and small companies in France and Spain.

What are my passions?

I love creating fun and motivating classroom experiences, seeing people grow and enhance their abilities and talents, bridging new technologies with learning, and finally meeting people from around the world, travelling the world and expressing my creativity!

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